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Puppy and Kitten Package

Congratulations for welcoming a new furry baby into your family! Little Tokyo Pet Clinic offers a discounted Pre-Paid Puppy and Kitten Package designed to give your puppy or kitten a strong foundation on the road to a long and happy life.


During each visit, our veterinarian will speak with you about health, diet, and behavioral issues, and then answer any questions you may have about the care of your newest family members.

Exotic/Pocket Pets

Hi, we are Ginger and Caramel—Little Tokyo Pet Clinic’s rabbits. Dr. Chung adopted Ginger first, and because she knows bunnies need companions (or else we will perish from loneliness), she adopted me, Caramel.
We have lived with Dr. Chung for five years now, and we are still as happy and healthy as ever. Dr. Chung not only helps us bunnies, she also helps hamsters, guinea pigs, squirrels, snakes, lizards, geckos, and even the occasional mini-pig. 
Our Exotic Animal friends visit Little Tokyo Pet Clinic for specialized services, such as radiography, routine surgeries, wing trim, and laser therapy. Just in case, Exotic Animal insurance is also available.

Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning

As part of a complete treatment plan, a non-anesthetic dental cleaning is an awakemaintenance teeth cleaning provided 

between regular anesthetic dental cleanings and X-rays.

Simply ask our staff if your pet is a candidate for non- anesthetic dental cleaning and how to set up appointment today!

Laser Therapy

This surgery-free, drug-free, painless, and non-invasive treatment boosts the body’s ability to heal itself by increasing blood circulation—drawing water, oxygen, and nutrients to the damaged area.


Laser Therapy is scientifically proven to successfully treat your pet’s post-surgical pain, plus many acute and chronic conditions associated with geriatric care, as well as osteoarthritis, ear infections, and much more.

Vitamin D-level test for dogs and cats of all ages, healthy or sick

Vitamin D-level test for dogs and cats of all ages, healthy or sick. Did you know;

* Dogs and cats can’t make Vitamin D from sunlight and don’t get enough of this crucial nutrient from their diets. 

* Low levels of Vitamin D are associated with a host of diseases (heart, kidney liver, bone density, immune disorders and cancer).  

* Recommended for disease prevention in healthy pets, 5 years and older, and as immune support for sick animals. 

Health Certificate

Dr. Chung is USDA-certified and accredited to provide domestic and international Health Certificates for pets (dogs, cats, and exotic/pocket pets) traveling from one state to another, or to foreign countries, as well as “Category II” animals, including birds and mini-pigs. 


Why get a Certificate of Health? 

  • Most U.S. states and foreign countries require a signed Certificate of Health provided by your veterinarian, along with a current Rabies Certificate, before arriving in that state    or country.  


Is it easy? 

  • The process may be simple or complex—it all depends on the requirements of each destination.  


Is it fast? 

  • Be sure to give your pet enough time to meet the important requirements of each destination. Japan,

       for example, requires at least 180 days between the rabies antibody titer test and your pet’s arrival

       into the country. 


What about pets on planes? 

  • Be sure to verify that your pets and their restraints or confinement satisfies individual airline

       requirements and restrictions. 


Before scheduling your pet’s next trip, check that state or foreign country’s health requirements 


Cancer Screening Test

Cancer is a common disease, but the signs of cancer are often nondescript and can mimic many other types of illness. 

Why screen for cancer? 

  • Early detection can improve or prolong the life and health of your pet.  

  • Where cancer is suspected, confirmed, or successfully treated, this is a simple way to monitor your pet for early detection of cancer growth (metastasis) or recurrence. 

  • Recommended as part of a routine wellness plan for healthy senior dogs or for high-risk breeds.  


Is the test accurate? 

  • The cancer screening test can confirm the presence of cancer before more detailed types of exams are employed (ultrasound, X-ray, biopsy). It is able to detect 82 percent of all cancers six months prior to the onset of visible signs—and 100 percent of all cancers four months prior. 

Non-Surgical Neutering (Zeuterin)

Little Tokyo Pet Clinic is pleased to be one of only thirty veterinary hospitals in California certified to use this FDA-approved drug.


What are the benefits compared to conventional methods (surgical castration)?

  • no anesthesia required (non-surgical procedure)

  • takes only seconds to administer and is painless

  • testes are left intact (unlike surgical neutering)

  • recovery time and complications are dramatically minimized

How does it work?

  • Zeuterin causes irreversible scar tissue (fibrosis) over the testes, which stops the production ofsperm, but allows for a reduced amount of testosterone

  • low levels of testosterone can protect from illness and issues with metabolic functioning


More about non-surgical neutering



Watch Max’s Zinc neutering


Pet Insuarance

Little Tokyo Pet Clinic accepts all forms of pet insurance. Please bring the proper paperwork with you when your pet is discharged, so that we can help expedite your reimbursement. If you would like to learn more about pet insurance options, here are some recommended providers.


Payment Option

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards, as well as cash. We also offer CareCredit financing as a flexible payment option, which allows for convenient monthly payments.

For more information on CareCredit and for an online application, click on the link below:


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